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Unaccredited Certifications And Marks

Accredited European certification for a safe is essential legal proof of standard that will help maintain insurance cover long term and for certain types of business use will ensure regulatory compliance.

EU Parliament regulation 765/2008 created the system that provides the legal basis of accreditation for the certification of safes to European standard EN1143-1, a system that is backed by regular auditing, market surveillance and is verifiable, proof of standard for both insurance and litigation purposes.

Unfortunately there are several UK organisations and bodies that claim to "certify" or "approve" safes to a variety of standards including European Standards despite having no accreditation to do so.

  Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)

LPCB (UK) has never been an accredited certification body for the burglary resistance of safes in Europe yet have issued certification badges in the same format as properly accredited certification bodies for many years. Notably however an ISO/IEC17065 accreditation which will be present on an accredited certification badge is absent on LPCB badges. The fact that LPCB claim to certify their own tests also runs counter to any norms in Europe where both the tester and the certifier are required to be independent bodies. LPCB should not be confused with an accredited certification for a safe in Europe.

  The Association Of Insurance Surveyors

The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) are a U.K. organisation who do not claim to be a certification body but have nevertheless taken it upon themselves to produce a list of "approved safes" and make recommendations for insurance covers that they consider suitable for the Republic of Ireland. To quote the groups list from 2015, “The list is appropriate for use in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Eire and AiS makes no representation or promise that it is appropriate for use outside these territories".

The A.I.S. safe list not only gives recommended cash ratings to uncertified second-hand safes but by its own admission lists insurance ratings for new safes that  have never been tested or assessed at all. This allowance however seems to apply only to safes sold by U.K. based suppliers

A quote from the AiS list 2015: “There are still some safes manufactured in the UK which are not tested and the Committee has impressed on these companies that they should have their safes tested by an approved test house.  However, for the benefit of members, the Committee has provided a cash rating for the un-tested safes from these companies based on information provided by them.

It is truly bizarre that a UK organisation feels entitled to make claims regarding insurance cover it considers “appropriate for the Republic of Ireland” while stating that the same recommendations are not “appropriate” for the rest of the E.U. Perhaps the most striking thing about the AIS Safe list is the huge number of safes it contains that should be presumed to contain asbestos and should not be sold in either the UK or Ireland. The AIS "safe committee" responsible for the list are predominantly in the second-hand safe business.

The AIS issue stickers to highlight safes they have "approved". 

  Sold Secure

Owned by the UK's Master Locksmiths Association, Sold Secure says on it's website that it is "the premier testing and certification house" for a range of security products that includes safes, despite being completely unaccredited to either test or certify, even in the UK. One can only imagine how accredited European testing and certification bodies operating under European Parliament regulation 765/2008, the legal basis of accreditation for the certification of safes to European standards (ISO/IEC 17065) would view such a statement. The accredited European testing and certification system ensures unbiased conditions for both testing and certification through a strict systems of checks and balances and is backed by regular auditing and market surveillance. Sold Secure on the other hand have their own grading system for safes, gold, silver, and bronze, based on their locksmith members opinions of products which many of those members sell.

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Alan Redd Certified Safes Ireland NSAI

Certified Safes Ireland™ director Alan Donohoe Redd is a member of the European CEN263 Working Group responsible for writing European Standards for safes, strongrooms (vaults), secure cabinets and physical data protection for the European Union. A registered NATO supplier and a longstanding member of the European Security Systems Association, Alan has a vast range of experience spanning almost 40 years and encompassing installation of safes, strongrooms, physical data protection, CCTV, alarms, access control, secure storage control systems and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) specification, design, and installation.

Alan is an expert on standards and fraud issues related to secure storage in Europe and the UK, has had articles related to these subjects published by The Law Society Gazette and Irish Broker Magazine, has forced retractions of multiple false claims related to secure storage offerings to the public, including some published by the Irish Times, and has been pivotal in having misleading standards and practises recognised and withdrawn in Ireland, the UK and at a European level. 

Alan’s expertise has been relied upon by;
N.A.T.O. Europe, The U.S. Air Force (Europe), PayPal (Worldwide), Grant Thornton, The Department Of Communications (Cyber Security) (Ireland), The Revenue Commissioners, Electricity Supply Board (Cyber Security) (Ireland), The Danish Defence Forces (Afghanistan), The Insurance Institute of Ireland, The Royal College Of Surgeons, BFC Bank, Interxion Data Centres, The Private Security Authority, Isle of Man Gold Bullion, Brown Thomas, Bvlgari, Druids Glen, The Shelbourne, and many others ....

Alan's seminars on safes, strongrooms and HNW secure storage have been part of Continuing Professional Development for underwriters and insurers having been awarded CPD points by the Insurance Institute of Ireland and the Chartered Insurance Institute (UK).

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