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About Certified Safes Ireland™

Certified Safes Ireland™ Provide Effective, Certified Secure Storage For Cash, Data, Precious Metals, Pharmaceuticals And Weapons To Accredited European Standards For Home And Business.

Our Expertise At Work For You

Certified Safes Ireland™ is part of the ICS Group, a group of NATO contractors fully licensed in Ireland for all electrical, intruder alarm, CCTV, access control, fire suppression, fine art protection and monitoring activities. A longstanding member of the European Security Systems Association, Certified Safes Ireland™ has vast experience that encompasses installation of safes, strong rooms, physical data protection, CCTV, alarms, access control, secure storage control systems and sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) specification, design, and installation. 

We have provided expertly specified and installed certified safes to private clients all over Ireland. We have provided certified solutions for the protection of cash and sensitive data in the banking, credit union and retail sector. We have provided strongrooms, safes, time lock and audit systems for the protection of gold bullion, jewellery, and precious metals. We have provided high specification solutions for the protection of elements of production for major pharmaceutical manufacturers that involved audit control and timed restriction of  certain personnel. We have also provided solutions to NATO, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Airforce, the Danish Defence forces, and the Irish government for specialist applications. No matter how big or small your requirement is, we will focus on your requirements with the same dedication to excellence.

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Our expertise has been relied on by;
N.A.T.O. Europe, The U.S. Air Force (Europe), PayPal (Worldwide), Grant Thornton, The Department Of Communications, The Revenue Commissioners, The Danish Defence Forces (Afghanistan), The Insurance Institute of Ireland, The Royal College Of Surgeons, BFC Bank, Interxion Data Centres, BvlgariIsle of Man Gold Bullion, The Private Security Authority, Brown Thomas, Druids Glen, The Shelbourne, and many others …

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ICS Group Divisional Management

Alan Redd Elena Gallotta
Alan Donohoe Redd
Certified Safes, Vaults, Physical GDPR
Elena Gallotta
Director Of Development
Implemented Certified Security Ltd™ (ICS) managing director Alan Donohoe Redd M.Sec.I.I. is chief specification officer for safes, data safes, data vaults, strong rooms and anti hold-up systems. Alan is a certified safe technician trainer for Sargent & Greenleaf Switzerland and an insurance industry lecturer. Alan is the current convenor of the Irish Safes Ratings Group and a National Standards Authority of Ireland expert sitting on the European Committee For standardisation (CEN) WG263 drafting safe and vault standards for the European Union. Elena Gallotta is our director of development and chief operations officer of Safe And Vault which was Founded in 2007 as the first Sargent & Greenleaf high security and U.S. federal lock distributor in Ireland. Elena has grown the business into an award winning global supplier and pioneered innovative applications for new S&G technology such as the adaptation of A-series audit locking for GDPR applications. Elena is also digital communications director for Implemented Certified Security Ltd™ (ICS) and the ICS Group.
Steve O Brien Peter Walsh
Steve O' Brien
Fire Suppression, Data & Electrical
Peter Walsh
Security Systems, Data & Electrical
Steve O' Brien is managing director and chief operations officer of IC Services & Maintenance Ltd. Founded in 1998 as a sister company to ICS U.K., I.C. Service & Maintenance Ltd was initially set up to undertake European data centre work in Ireland. The business has now grown to encompass a wide range of security, data and electrical services for a range of high profile clients. IC Service And Maintenance Ltd holds some of the industry’s highest accreditations in quality management and competency and continues to make significant investments in training and certification with our staff. Peter Walsh is chief technical officer and a director of IC Services & Maintenance Ltd. Peter has over thirty years of experience at the highest level of electrical, data and security installation having worked on major projects for multi-nationals across Europe. A fully qualified electrician, Peter's in-depth training on a wide range of security, electronic, electrical and automated systems helps him provide comprehensive specifications that allow maximum utilisation and integration of security, electrical and data systems.
Steve O Brien
Keith Cribben
Technical, Service & Install Expert (Safes / Locks)
Keith Cribben is ICS Group's installation, service and technical expert for safes, data safes, strongrooms, and related certified locking systems. Like all ICS Group partners Keith has high level security clearance for both government and NATO work, as well as Garda Siochana vetting. Keith is a licensed locksmith with vast industry experience both in Ireland and other European countries. 

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Implemented Certified Security Ltd™ T/A Certified Safes Ireland™
ICS Group
Unit G7 Riverview Business Park,
Nangor Road, Dublin 12,
D12 E440

VAT: IE 9668815E / Company Reg: 445429

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Allied Irish Bank, 61 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2. Ireland.

Swift Code/BIC: AIBKIE2D
IBAN: IE37 AIBK 931160 12419091

For The Private Client:

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Certified Safes Ireland™ have the experience, training, and depth of knowledge of European standards for safes and alarm integration to address all private client requirements in a manner that does not compromise quality, security, aesthetic or structural concerns.

We also have extensive experience installing safes both large and small into premises of the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, common in Ireland, and we are regularly referred by architects, insurers and wealth managers who appreciate the knowledge of structure and attention to detail required when fitting a safe into an older and sometimes protected structure.

Some private clients can have specifications and requirements to suit specific tastes, aesthetics, or security concerns. Our extensive range of Austrian, German, and Scandinavian manufactured safes not only have the highest level of accredited European certification available but can also be customised with off the shelf components such as pull-out collectors’ shelves, lockable drawers, pull out drawers and lockable compartments. Watch winders and interior lighting can also be easily accommodated with wiring passing along integrated VdS certified wiring channels.

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