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EN14450 Cabinet
Alan Redd
The EN14450 "Safe" Loophole Is Removed The word “ Safe ,” used by unscrupulous suppliers to mislead thousands of consumers into buying a “ Secure Cabinet ” instead of an actual “ Safe ,”...
safe rated
Alan Redd
Where Safes Ratings In Ireland Come From Many safe suppliers are advertising highly inflated insurance rates for safes on sale in Ireland. To do this is fraud, yet the practice is quite...
asbestos safes
Alan Redd
The Criminal Sale Of Safes & Cabinets Containing Asbestos In Ireland After our initial investigation in late 2019 into the issue of asbestos in pre-2000 safes, the Law Society...
Asbestos in safes
Alan Redd
Asbestos In Pre-2005 Safes & Cabinets Asbestos In Pre-2005 Safes & Cabinets Discussed At The European Level Frankfurt, Thursday 14th of November 2019 - Asbestos and other...
HSA Notice
Alan Redd
HSA Enforcement Notice On Second Hand Safes If you are offered a safe that has no certification badge or that is marked as having been manufactured before the year 2000 (Asbestos...
Law Society Gazette
Alan Redd
Our Article On Asbestos In Safes Makes Cover - Law Society Gazette - July Issue The issue of asbestos in safes, document and filing cabinets has been swept under the carpet by vested...
insurance institute safes
Alan Redd
Insurance Institute Lectures As part of the Insurance Institute of Ireland Winter CPD Schedule , Certified Safes Ireland's director Alan Donohoe Redd M.Sec.I.I. delivered a...
Safe Identification
Alan Redd
Accredited Safe And Vault Certification In order to be valid in the E.U. any certification you see on a safe or vault must be awarded by a certification body that has European...
safe bolt
Alan Redd
Certification For A Safe Doesn't Apply If The Safe Isn't Anchored Correctly It is a certification requirement under EN1143-1 that a safe is anchored with a holding force of 50kN...
Air Tube Cash System
Alan Redd
Cracking A Pneumatic Cash Safe Using A Domestic Vacuum When a pneumatic tube or capsule deposit is fitted to a certified safe the safe can no longer be viewed as certified as its barrier...

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