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Air Tube Cash System
Alan Redd
In Europe a properly certified deposit safe should always display a certification badge to standard EN1143-2. This badge means that both the safe and the deposit system have been tested in an...
GDPR Paper Files
Alan Redd
G.D.P.R. Compliance For Paper Files Under the GDPR, data controllers must implement a system to protect physical data, such as paper files, against, 1. Accidental or...
Fire Safes
Alan Redd
Fire Safes, Data Safes - 4 Important Points To Remember Data safes and fireproof cabinets are of increasing relevance particularly with the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation...
insurance institute safes
Alan Redd
As part of the Insurance Institute of Ireland Winter CPD Schedule , Certified Safes Ireland's director Alan Donohoe Redd M.Sec.I.I. delivered a series of well attended lectures on " European...
Under floor safes
Alan Redd
Under floor Safes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity recently. Units in a large range of designs, many imported from China have become available very cheaply to the trade. As the...
Safe Identification
Alan Redd
Accredited Safe And Vault Certification In order to be valid in the E.U. any certification you see on a safe or vault must be awarded by a certification body that has European accreditation...
safe bolt
Alan Redd
The Burglary Resistance Of A Safe Is Decisively Influenced By Anchoring If a safe hasn’t been anchored and fitted correctly the safe’s resistance to attack is compromised....
Safe Keys Are History
Alan Redd
There really is no comparison to the security offered by Certified Digital Safe Locks. That's why we supply military grade S&G locks at cost on all our certified safes. Mechanical Safe Locks...

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