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Air Tube System Easily Bypassed

Posted by   Alan Redd
Air Tube Cash System

In Europe A Deposit Safe Should Display An EN1143-2 Certification Badge

This badge means that both the safe and the deposit system have been tested in an accredited laboratory against attack and manipulation and the result of that testing has been verified by an independent accredited European certification body.

When a pneumatic tube or capsule deposit is fitted to any certified safe, the safe can no longer be treated as a certified unit as its barrier material has been extensively breached. A 65mm hole, which is the standard pneumatic capsule deposit size, is large enough to easily remove capsules without attacking the safe itself.

Therefore, any pneumatic deposit "safe" should only be treated as a temporary storage or capsule reception device. Any accredited certification badge present on a safe prior to it being modified for pneumatic capsule transfer should be removed as the modified unit is at this point no longer intact and therefore void of certification.

Needless to say, no safe fitted with a pneumatic capsule deposit system has an overnight cash rating. Suppliers of these systems should inform the client of these facts prior to purchase.

Be informed, know the risks, protect your business.

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