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Cracking A Pneumatic Cash Safe Using A Domestic Vacuum

Posted by   Alan Redd
Air Tube Cash System

Cracking A Pneumatic Cash Safe Using A Domestic Vacuum

When a pneumatic tube or capsule deposit is fitted to a certified safe the safe can no longer be viewed as certified as its barrier material has been extensively breached. A 65mm hole, which is the standard pneumatic capsule deposit size, is not only large enough for some people to get their hand through but makes cash capsules easy to remove quickly without a nedd to attack the safe itself. 

The quickest way to remove cash from a pneumatic cash transfer safe is with a domestic vacuum with a tube and a small funnel on the end, as demonstrated in this video which was recorded in 2016 by Alan Donohoe Redd of Certified Safes Ireland™The method demonstrated has been known of for many years and robberies using the technique having taken place all over Europe, yet we still see cowboy safes suppliers in Ireland and the UK tell their customers that a safe with such a considerably large hole cut into it is certified and secure for overnight cash protection.

Using Pneumatic Cash Transfer

Pneumatic cash transfer can be a good idea in various situations but should never be directly connected to a safe that is intended to protect cash from robbery overnight. When using such a system, capsules should be received in the cash office and then transferred to a safe of an appropriate grade with accredited certification for burglary resistance. All pneumatic cash transfer receivers should be treated as temporary storage or capsule reception units. An accredited certification badge present on a safe prior to it being modified for pneumatic capsule transfer should always be removed as a unit modified for pneumatic cash transfer is no longer intact and all accredited certification is void.

Not Insurance Rated

Needless to say, a safe fitted with a pneumatic capsule deposit system has no overnight cash rating. Suppliers of these systems should inform the client of these facts prior to purchase.

Be informed, know the risks, protect your business.

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