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Safe Keys Are History!

Posted by   Alan Redd
Safe Keys Are History

Mechanical Safe Locks Are Dangerous (Think About It)

If it is possible to access a mechanical safe or vault lock by non invasive manipulation and in doing so leave no trace of entry then how can this lock type by definition be called secure?

  • A key is basically a shaped piece of metal that anyone can use to open your safe or vault. It doesn’t restrict access or know who uses it and can be copied even from a photograph now more easily than ever.
  • A mechanical combination lock works by rotating a series of wheels called "wheel packs" with a gap cut into them so that they line up and allow a lever attachment known as a "fence" to drop into it and operate the lock.

Both of these safe lock types have been with us for over a hundred years in their modern form so it is hardly surprising that by todays standards they can be quite easily bypassed and the methods of doing so are increasing and becoming more readily available.

Mechanical lock manipulation is now a popular hobby and there are organisations all over the world who promote it and share information.

The Advantage Of Certified Digital Safe Locks

  • Penalty Lockout
    The penalty lockout feature shuts the lock down for ten minutes if five or more incorrect codes are entered in a row to deter random code entry attempts. There is no such feature with a mechanical lock.
  • Multi-user Codes
    As most certified digital safe locks have Multi-user codes no 2 people have to use the same code to access a safe and an individual code can be removed at will by management.
  • Time Delay Option
    A programmable time delay of 1 to 99 minutes is a standard option in all but the most basic electronic lock models with a time delay opening window that can be set from 1 to 15 minutes. This is a powerful anti hold-up measure.
  • Audit Trail
    A powerful feature of digital locks is the audit trail which can be easily downloaded to a USB drive once you have the correct download code. This tells you who opened the lock, for how long, time, date and if there were any attempts to open the lock with an incorrect code. The standard audit trail is 1000 events.
  • Duress Alarm
    All our digital locks can be added to your alarm system via a Duress Module. With a Duress module in place if a hold-up occurs addition of a digit to the normal access code will trigger a silent alarm.
  • Dual Codes
    Where two codes have to be entered to open the lock is another standard feature.

To upgrade your current safe locks or to get expert advice on the most secure and advanced options available contact us: +353 1 7076011

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