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How EU Certification Helps You Avoid Safe Supply Scams

Posted by   Alan Redd
Safes Certification

How EU Certification Helps You Avoid Safe Supply Scams

Retail businesses, offices and homes in Ireland use safes, data safes or fire-resistant filing cabinets on a daily basis. Safes, data safes or fire-resistant filing cabinets are used to protect cash, jewellery as well as critical records and data.

What most people don’t realise is a large part of the safe, data safe and fire-resistant filing cabinet market in Ireland is still in second-hand and mostly uncertified units.

These uncertified and dated units are often misrepresented as having insurance or fire ratings based on a range of totally unaccredited certifications, badges and “insurance listings”.

More worryingly, as many of these units were manufactured before European certification, a large proportion of these safes, data safes and fire-resistant filing cabinets also contain dangerous substances, most notably asbestos.

Apart from the trade in second-hand equipment of this kind there is a huge trade in counterfeit safes and data cabinets, counterfeit deposit systems, counterfeit certification or brand badges, unaccredited certification badges and fake insurance ratings.

Accredited European certification and testing is the only way you can be sure that the quality you expect from a safe, fire safe or cabinet is certified to accredited European standards. Always look for an accredited European certification mark.

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