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The AIS Safe List - 10 Shocking Facts That Everyone Should Know

Posted by   Alan Redd
AIS List

The AIS Safe List - 10 Shocking Facts That Everyone Should Know

If this information comes as a surprise to anyone in the safe, vault or insurance industry, it is a testament to the deliberate and determined proliferation of misinformation coming from vested interests who still actively promote the trade in high risk second-hand and uncertified safes in Ireland. From what I can see, the AIS for its part, has made its modus operandi and its connection with suppliers of reconditioned safes, sufficiently clear in its document.

1. The Association Of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) safe committee is the only safes ratings group in Europe that considers it appropriate to make insurance cover recommendations for the specific conditions of another European jurisdiction.

Despite the fact the Republic of Ireland has its own safes ratings group in the form of the Irish Safes Ratings Group (ISRG), which has had two government bodies sitting in an observer capacity (the National Standards Authority Of Ireland and The Private Security Authority), the UK’s Association Of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) still insist the following regarding its “safe list”.

“The List is appropriate for use in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Eire and AiS makes no representation or promise that it is appropriate for use outside these territories.” - (AIS list 2019 - verbatim quote)

2. The AIS list contains hundreds of pre-2000 safes which the Health And Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA) says “must be presumed to contain asbestos” unless evidence of the absence of asbestos in production is available from their manufacturer.

3. Thanks to cooperation from some manufacturers we now know that several units which are listed on the Association Of Insurance Surveyors UK (AIS) list 2015 have already been positively identified as containing asbestos.

4. Using AIS list rate recommendations for marketing purposes related to pre-2000 safes, for which there is no evidence of the absence of asbestos in their production, is illegal in the Republic of Ireland.

5. The sale of pre-2000 safes, listed in the AIS list, for which there is no evidence of the absence of asbestos in their production, is illegal in the Republic of Ireland.

6. The AIS list recommends insurance rates for safes that are uncertified and untested for any purpose, while still ascribing these units’ substantial overnight insurance ratings it says are “appropriate” for Eire. This is at odds with the purpose of European testing and certification, the system on which all other safes ratings in Europe, including ISRG rates, are based.

“There are still some safes manufactured in the UK which are not tested, and the committee has impressed on these companies that they should have their safes tested by an approved test house. However, for the benefit of members, the committee has provided a cash rating for the un-tested safes from these companies based on information provided by them.” (AIS list 2019 - verbatim quote)

7. The AIS list describes UK suppliers as “manufacturers” rather than agents or distributors. This is often done at the expense of the true manufacturer’s name which can be confusing, particularly as many safe models and true manufacturers are missing entirely from this list.

8. The AIS does not consider the installation of a monitored intruder alarm, installed by a PSA licensed contractor, in rates it claims are “appropriate” for the Republic of Ireland. This is contrary to advice from senior risk assessors in this jurisdiction, the Irish Safes Ratings Group and An Garda Síochána (Irish Police).

9. The AIS list details recommendations, which it considers “appropriate for use” in the Republic of Eire, in Pounds Sterling only. Officially, there has been no link between the U.K. pound and Irish currency since 1978.

10. AIS list recommended rates for second-hand uncertified safes were actually increased in 2006, as the result of what the AIS describe as comments from “suppliers of reconditioned safes”. (AIS list 2015 - verbatim quote).

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