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Bogus Safe Rating Lists (Video)

A European testing and certification system has been in place for safes since 1998 and all properly certified safes are clearly marked.

Despite this fact "safe rating lists" are still in circulation in the insurance industry in Ireland that proport to provide overnight cash cover ratings for safes by manufacturer or model name.

In the majority of cases this information is both incorrect and highly misleading. As most (if not all) of these “safe rating lists” contain a great many untested and uncertified safes, the most obvious reason for such documents’ existence is to circumvent the established safe rating system in Ireland which is based on accredited European certification.

The legally recognised European system of safe certification is transparent to scrutiny and simple to understand. As safes ratings in almost all European countries are dependent on the accredited certified grade of each safe, a ratings list for safes has long been completely unnecessary and can have no legitimate purpose in the Republic of Ireland.

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