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Certified Home Safes

Certified Home Safes

That Match Your Décor And Budget

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Whether you are looking for a resilient, insurance certified home safe for the protection of small amounts of cash and personal documents or have a higher level requirement for a more tailored solution, we have the expertise to advise and liaise with your insurers to arrive at a certified specification that is perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

We have provided certified home safes for the protection of gold, cash, art-work, weapons and data to a wide range of private and business clients as well as the average home owner.

Furthermore we can provide a certified home safe that matches most décor styles so that the safe can blend in with its environment. Our décor match office safes are all fitted with a sliding panel that cover the locking mechanism so that the safe appears to be a regular cabinet or even a domestic fridge.

Common choices are Birch, Cherry Or Mahogany but we can match a wide variety of colours.

All our solutions are fully certified by accredited European certification houses for the specific protection you need in your home safe.

We can both colour match and customise the perfect insurance certified home safe for all homes and business where the aesthetics of the safe’s location are a major concern.

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Qualified Advice

Some Older Uncertified Safes Contain Asbestos - Contact Us

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