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Certified Safes Ireland™ Blog

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Certified Safes Ireland™ News & Blog

The secure storage industry in Ireland is undergoing a much-needed transformation. Since 2019 Certified Safes Ireland™ have been challenging, exposing, and actively disrupting dishonest practices and fraudulent activity in the secure storage industry while promoting accredited European burglary resistance standards and increased professionalism the sector.

Irish Broker Home Safes
Alan Redd
A Four Point European Standards Checklist For Home Safes A great end to 2021 to see our article on safes for private clients and related European standards published in the Christmas...
CUMA Directory
Alan Redd
Certified Safes Ireland™ In The New CUMA Services Directory The CUMA Services Directory is the key contacts resource for credit unions, their CEO’s, Management Teams, and Boards...
Certified And Monitored Home Safes For Private Clients
Alan Redd
Certified And Monitored Home Safes For Private Clients We can provide alarm, seismic, tamper and duress monitoring for your certified safe on request, including the provision of a range...
Alan Redd
Previously Jailed Tadgh Feeney T/A Trustee Safes / Dominator Safes Declared Bankrupt Having received a two-year suspended sentence in 2009 in relation to a string of bogus non-resident...
Second Hand Safes
Alan Redd
Second-Hand Safes Are Not Only A Security Risk But Can Be Deadly With a hardening insurance market and anticipated surge in crime, more people are looking at buying a home safe....
EN14450 Cabinet
Alan Redd
European Standard EN14450 Amended To Remove The Word "Safe". The use of the word "safe" to describe a secure safe cabinet has officially been recognised by Europe as misleading The...
Paul Ellard Eurosafe
Alan Redd
Eurosafe Ireland Ltd Chairman Paul Ellard Disqualified As Director After Revenue And ODCE Investigation Eurosafe Ireland Ltd “Chairman” and safe retailer Paul Ellard with an address...
merrion vaults
Alan Redd
"Bear in mind the whole facility was designed and constructed by Lloyd’s of London". Seamus Fahy to Valerie Cox on RTE daytime radio in relation to Merrion Vaults - 2015 When...
Asbestos BSI AIS Safes
Alan Redd
BSI Finally Acknowledges Asbestos Presence In Pre-1999 Safes After several unanswered letters to the UK Association Of Insurance Surveyors regarding safes that contain asbestos...
Falko Adomat
Alan Redd
Importance Of Accreditation Accredited European Certification For Safes – How To Inspect What You Expect October 2020  - Security technology has always been part of a...
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