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BSI Acknowledges Asbestos In Pre-1999 Safes After 16 Years

Posted by   Alan Redd
Asbestos BSI AIS Safes

Asbestos BSI AIS Safes

BSI Finally Acknowledges Asbestos Presence In Pre-1999 Safes

After several unanswered letters to the UK Association Of Insurance Surveyors regarding safes that contain asbestos included in the AiS Safe Rating List, a list of insurance recommendations for safes, in March 2021 we wrote an open letter to the British Standards Institution (BSI) regarding BSI7582:2005Code of practice for reconditioning of used safes” (2005).

This open letter seems to have resulted in a new BSI edition of standard, BSI7582:2021, which refers to Asbestos for the first time:

Specialist advice should be sought before handling safes known to contain hazardous materials, such as but not limited to, asbestos.”     


The BSI7582:2005 standard was entrusted to BSI Technical Committee GW/2, which included many prominent UK bodies including the Association Of Insurance Surveyors, the Building Research Establishment (BRE), and the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA).

The standard was quite remarkable as it applied to safes that could have been manufactured as long ago as 1975 yet made no mention of the danger of asbestos contamination in safes manufactured between 1975 and 1999. One would imagine that the danger to those who would use the standard for refurbishment activities as well as those who would purchase second-hand safes, should have been obvious.

Since 2005, BSI7582Code of practice for reconditioning of used safes” was reviewed several times making no mention of the presence of asbestos in pre-1999 safes, while the "AIS Safe Rating List" of insurance recommendations for safes, also launched in 2005, included safes known to contain asbestos and stated in its forward that the list was “suitable for UK & Eire”.

Why were Certified Safes Ireland™ the only safe industry voice in Ireland or the UK to highlight the potential exposure of safe technicians and clients to asbestos in second-hand safes in the last twenty years? 

Is it the case that contaminated “refurbished safes” continued to be placed on the market by some involved in the BSI working group responsible for drafting BSI7582

It takes very little effort to find the answer.

Click below to view Law Society Gazette article or HSA notice:

    HSA Asbestos Safes

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Alan Redd Certified Safes Ireland NSAI

Certified Safes Ireland™ director Alan Donohoe Redd is a member of the European CEN263 Working Group responsible for writing European Standards for safes, strong rooms, secure cabinets and physical data protection for the European Union.

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