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EN14450 Cabinet

European Standard EN14450 Amended To Remove The Word "Safe"

Alan Redd

European Standard EN14450 Amended To Remove The Word "Safe".

The use of the word "safe" to describe a secure safe cabinet has officially been recognised by Europe as misleading

The word “Safe” is the correct description for secure storage products under European Standard (EN1143-1), however, the fact that many suppliers have used this word to describe a “Secure Safe Cabinet”, a completely separate standard with a far lower level of burglary resistance (EN14450), has now been officially recognised as misleading to European consumers by CEN263 and removed from the English language version of European Standard EN14450Secure Safe Cabinets”.

The Vote In Europe:

The proposal for amendment to EN14450 was put forward by Certified Safes Ireland™ managing director Alan Donohoe Redd, acting as an NSAI expert. Votes in favour were Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and SpainSweden voted no but were not against the motion, but in favour of a total revision of the standard when regular review is scheduled in November 2022. Other European members abstained.


“Secure Safe Cabinets" are not Safes, but somehow when the standard was introduced in Europe in 2005 the word “Safe” found its way into the English version of the standard despite making no literal sense. Notably, the German or Austrian version of the same standard featured no such anomaly.

Unfortunately, the inclusion of the word “Safe” in the English version of the standard was viewed as a “loophole” by some suppliers who went on to mislead consumers and insurers on a truly industrial scale. Safe suppliers, even very well-known ones, went on to extensively market EN14450 "Secure Cabinets" as Safes, particularly as “Home Safes”.

This makes sense from a business perspective if you do not mind mislabelling a product. Secure Cabinets are cheaper to produce, light and more easily transported, easier to fit, and overall ideal for low-cost delivery by couriers. The problem is that EN14450 Cabinets are not even close to being Safes.

In European laboratories Certified Safes (EN1143-1) are tested against range of over 200 tools including the heaviest power tools and thermic lances. EN14450 Secure Cabinets on the other hand are only tested against a range of light “hand tools”. Even so, the result of such tests is that a Secure Cabinet’s survivability against "hand tools" is a fraction of that of the lowest grade of Certified Safe against professional power tools.


This is why S1, and S2 Secure Cabinets have no insurance rating in Ireland and most of Europe yet if you were to Google “Safes” today, a vast number of search results described as “Safes” will be S1 & S2Secure Cabinets”, many claiming ratings for cash and a jewellery as high as €50,000 overnight.

What This Means In The Real World:

In June 2010, a German study looked at 149 cases of burglary where the victim had reported that they had a “Safe” on their premises. 50% of the “Safes” in the study had been stolen according to police data, however, as the weight of the units was recorded, we know that 50% of the “Safes” in total were very likely “Secure Cabinets” and not Safes at all.

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Alan Redd Certified Safes Ireland NSAI

Certified Safes Ireland™ director Alan Donohoe Redd is a member of the European CEN263 Working Group responsible for writing European Standards for safes, strongrooms (vaults), secure cabinets and physical data protection for the European Union. A registered NATO supplier and a longstanding member of the European Security Systems Association, Alan has a vast range of experience spanning almost 40 years and encompassing installation of safes, strongrooms, physical data protection, CCTV, alarms, access control, secure storage control systems and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) specification, design, and installation.

Alan is an expert on standards and fraud issues related to secure storage in Europe and the UK, has had articles related to these subjects published by The Law Society Gazette and Irish Broker Magazine, has forced retractions of multiple false claims related to secure storage offerings to the public, including some published by the Irish Times, and has been pivotal in having misleading standards and practises recognised and withdrawn in Ireland, the UK and at a European level. 

Alan’s expertise has been relied upon by;
N.A.T.O. Europe, The U.S. Air Force (Europe), PayPal (Worldwide), Grant Thornton, The Department Of Communications (Cyber Security) (Ireland), The Revenue Commissioners, Electricity Supply Board (Cyber Security) (Ireland), The Danish Defence Forces (Afghanistan), The Insurance Institute of Ireland, The Royal College Of Surgeons, BFC Bank, Interxion Data Centres, The Private Security Authority, Isle of Man Gold Bullion, Brown Thomas, Bvlgari, Druids Glen, The Shelbourne, and many others ....

Alan's seminars on safes, strongrooms and HNW secure storage have been part of Continuing Professional Development for underwriters and insurers having been awarded CPD points by the Insurance Institute of Ireland and the Chartered Insurance Institute (UK).

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