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Irish Broker Magazine - Christmas 2021 Featured Article

Posted by   Alan Redd
Irish Broker Home Safes

Irish Broker Certified Safes Ireland

A Four Point European Standards Checklist For Home Safes

A great end to 2021 to see our article on safes for private clients and related European standards published in the Christmas edition of Irish Broker Magazine! There has been an overabundance of misinformation circulating in the safe supply and insurance industry in both Ireland and the UK regarding European standards for many years. As our director is someone who has helped write the European standards for safes, strongrooms, and physical data protection for the European Union, our hope is that we can clarify what should be expected by both brokers and clients regarding safe supply, installation, and integration standards in Europe.

If there is a single message in this article it would be that the key to protecting everyone’s interest and reducing risk is to simply ask for paperwork to back up any claims to accredited European certification for a safe or alarm integration device and always request a certificate of anchorage verifying that a safe has been anchored correctly. Inspect what you expect. 

Irish Broker Certified Safes Ireland

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We hope the article is useful and welcome any comments, observations or questions with which we can help. 

Link to Irish Broker Magazine article

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Alan Redd Certified Safes Ireland NSAI

Certified Safes Ireland™ director Alan Donohoe Redd is a member of the European CEN263 Working Group responsible for writing European Standards for safes, strong rooms, secure cabinets and physical data protection for the European Union.

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