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Gun Safes & Gun Rooms

Gun Safes Firearm

Exceeding Ireland's Firearms Regulations For Gun Safes, Gun Cabinets And Firearm Strongrooms

Certified Safes Ireland™ only supply gun safes and strongrooms that have been certified in line with European standards for the control of firearms, an approch which has several advantages apart from the peace of mind an accredited certification of burglary resistance provides. 

By only supplying safes and strongrooms that align with European standards we feel that we are future proofing our clients against an inevitable alignment of legislation with the rest of Europe as well as providing certified safes and strongrooms, that due to the cash and jewellery rating attributed to their grades, can double as facilities for the insured protection of amounts of cash and other valuables. 

All of our Austrian, German and Scandinavian manufactured gun safes and strongrooms have the highest level of accredited European certification available and we are diligent in ensuring that any alarm and electronics integration options we provide have the highest possible level of accredited certification to comply with specified standards for panic alarm, duress, and emergency response. Accredited certified burglary resistance is your best possible defence against having valuable firearms stolen, which apart from the cost, disruption and embarrassment such a loss may cause, can present serious challenges to maintaining your firearms license.

Certified Gun Safes & Gun Rooms

Ireland’s Contradictory Firearms Regulations: S.I. No. 646 of 2017 came into effect in 2019 and required firearms dealers to have a "manufactured steel door” ”to fulfil the requirements of EN1627” or an "equivalent". It is also required that the door to the “strong room” is fitted with a time lock. 

The first problem is European standard EN1627 is for a pedestrian door not a strong room door. EN1627 testing only uses light tools, the heaviest being a 14v cordless drill, as these “Pedestrian Door Sets” are intended for home or office use. As for the requirement for a time lock, EN1627 doors are obviously not designed to accommodate time locks and won't. 

On the other hand, gun safes certified EN1143-1 not only provide tested and certified gun storage but can also provide certified fire resistance for ammunition and are designed for time locks, yet no provision for this certified method of secure storage is contained in the regulations. The result is that firearms dealers all over Ireland are now cobbling together time locks, DIY steel doors and rooms and hoping such efforts pass as an “equivalent” to these ill-conceived and contradictory regulations.

Gun Room Doors

Tested And Certified In Germany

The latest regulation for gun rooms in Ireland stipulate not only a certified strong room door but a time lock. All our vault doors have been extensively tested by VdS laboratories (loss prevention association) in Cologne and are acknowledged all over Europe as among the best in the world.

The quality of all our vault doors comes from many years of experience in design and production for the international banking industry. State of the art electronic access systems and alarm connections can be intergrated during production.

The doors are available from grade II to grade XII under the EN1143-1 European standard and can be supplied with additional diamond core drill resistance.

Locking Options:

All our doors can be fitted with options such as time lock, dual control, duress and audit.

Additional Options:

  • Day gate
  • Lock micro switches
  • Bolt micro switch
  • Alarm wiring
  • Emergency escape door

For further information please contact one of our technical experts who will guide you through the process of choosing the right vault door to suit your specific purposes.

All doors can be supplied in customised sizes.

Standard size: 1960mm High x 910mm Wide

Entry level. Grade II - weight 792Kg

For Advice: 01 7076011

Alan Redd Certified Safes Ireland NSAI

Certified Safes Ireland™ director Alan Donohoe Redd is a member of the European CEN263 Working Group responsible for writing European Standards for safes, strong rooms, secure cabinets and physical data protection for the European Union.

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