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Home Office Safes And Data Protection

home office safes

Home Office Safes And Data Protection

With the advent of Covid-19 Certified home office and laptop safes have exploded in popularity, as for many people, working from home has become the firm choice going forward.

Finding the right safe for home office use however, can be a lot more complicated than it may sound. As well as considerations such as fire and burglary protection there can often be difficulties in finding a suitable location for a safe in a busy home where space is at a premium.

Then of course there is the question of who you may be letting into your home to survey or install a safe, particularly when you consider that there is still no licensing or vetting of safe suppliers in the Republic of Ireland, despite some having criminal records.

To add an additional layer of complication, there is an abundance of misinformation coming from less scrupulous safe suppliers regarding insurance rating and certification in general, with many units being grossly misrepresented as having insurance or fire ratings they simply don’t have.

The amount of S1 and S2 "secure safe cabinets" (EN14450) being described as "safes" and being attributed non-existent cash ratings being just one obvious example.  

Your insurer isn't responsible, and likely isn't qualified to assist in making sure that the safe you buy is correctly certified for the needs of your home office or to fulfill data protection requirements, but if the purchase of an incorrectly certified or uncertified safe results in theft or damage that otherwise should not have taken place, issues may arise with an insurance claim. 

Expert advice and European certification are the only guarantees that the safe you choose is fit for purpose and adequate for risk. Factors that will ensure that your interests are protected for many years to come. 

Don't take a chance with self appointed "experts" when deciding on a home or home office safe.

Our senior advisor, Alan Donohoe Redd M.Sec.I.I., is a European CEN/TC263 NSAI Standards Expert and Convenor of the Irish Safes Ratings Group. Alan was involved in writing the current EN1143-1 European safe and vault standard so you can't ask for a higher authority on the subject.

For Expert Advice Call: +353 1 7076011

All safes listed by Certified Safes Ireland are certified in Europe to EN1143-1 by one or more of four main accredited European certification bodies. ECB-SVdSSBSC and CNPP. Copies of these certification documents are provided with all of our safes free of charge. 

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