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Kaso Safes

Kaso Safes

Used For The Protection Of Data And Valuables By N.A.T.O.

Kaso Safes offer tested security solutions for the protection of data, valuables and cash against burglary, fire and a wide variety of other possible threats.

With over a hundred years of experience in security solutions, Kaso security solutions are tested in compliance with the European standards (EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2, EN 1047-1, NT 017.

Kaso is a NATO approved security solution supplier.

Kaso NCAGE (NATO Commercial and Government Entity) code is A345G.

We work in co-operation with customers as well as with the leading experts in our industry. We follow actively the latest developments in our field by participating, among other things, in the development of new standards. We also emphasize the meaning of standards, tests, certification, functionality and design.

Kaso product range includes:
• Functional KEEPS -solutions
• High security security solutions - modular vaults (archive vaults to heavy burglary protection vaults) and vault doors
• Safes, fire safes, data safes
• Light security products – safe deposit boxes, cashiers boxes, security safe cabinets
• Clothing cabinets
• Service-, maintenance-, planning- and installation services (On request)

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