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LPCB "Certification" & The AIS Approved Scheme

What You Should Know About LPCB "Certification" & The AIS Approved Scheme

Unaccredited Certification for safes, fire cabinets or vaults is still a widespread problem in Ireland. There are a wide range of "certificates" or "approvals" available from official sounding bodies but there are only a handful of bodies who have the required European accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 for certifying safes in Europe. Currently the most common European accredited certifiers that appear in the Irish market are ECB-S, VdS, CNPP & SBSC

Two prominent examples of badges mistaken for accredited certification in Ireland are:

Certified By LPCB (UK) - This U.K. body which is part of the BRE is not accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 to certify safes. This badge is therefore of no relevance to insurance rates for safes in the Republic of Ireland. Some insurance brokers may not realise that LPCB is unaccredited to this standard as a certifier for safes even in the U.K. but the final responsibility for ensuring the safe is what it claims to be lies with the client and the safe supplier.

A.I.S. Approved - A U.K. organisation who do not claim to be a certification body. The A.I.S. produce a list of approved safes and distribute A.I.S. stickers to the industry in the U.K. however the opinion of the A.I.S. is of no relevance to insurance rates for safes in the Republic of Ireland and should not be relied upon even as a guide to safe identity.

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