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Certified Safes International Ltd are fully qualified to survey your business or organisation and produce a risk assessment of cash and data protection facilities, cash and data vaults, cash offices and certified safes, for the purpose of insurance cover verification, suitability and regulatory compliance.

An accredited expert can ensure your cash and data protection facilities are adequate, insurance compliant and properly certified. We can also review your cash, data and staff protection procedures to make staff, data and cash protection part of an integrated operational system.

Our expertise has been relied upon by

  • Lloyds High Value Asset Protection
  • The Danish Defence Forces
  • The U.S. Air Force (Europe)
  • Isle Of Man Gold
  • Brown Thomas
  • Druids Glen
  • The Abbey Theatre
  • Musgrave Group

And by many other clients in areas such as banking, law enforcement and defence in Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East designing systems for the protection of data, weaponry, dangerous substances, cash, art and gold bullion.

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Some Older Uncertified Safes Contain Asbestos - Contact Us

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