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Wertheim Certified Safe Grade 1 - AM10

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Wertheim AM10
(1,193.22 inc VAT)
List price: 1,170.10

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Irish Safe Ratings Group R.O.I. Rating €12,500 Or €62,500 Contents
Official Rate For The Republic Of Ireland
AIS Approved U.K. Rating £10,000 Or £100,000 Contents
Applies In The United Kingdom Only*
  • Ext: 395 x 545 x 442 mm
  • Int: 345 x 495 x 310 mm
  • Volume:53 litres, Weight:125 kg

Wertheim Certified Safe Grade 1 - AM10

- Wertheim Safes - Austrian Precision Engineering -

Wertheim of Austria manufacture the most highly certified, attack resistant safes in Europe and are unsurpassed for burglary resistance products worldwide. Coming from a long Austrian tradition of attention to detail and design, each safe Wertheim manufactures far exceeds the normal requirements of its certified grade. For resistance to professional attack Wertheim has few rivals.

Wertheim AM series safes offer lots of space and the option of additional locks to give dual control.

  • All models are pre-fitted to enable connection to a burglar alarm system.

Even the smallest model (AM10) has enough space to accommodate up to 6 file folders. The body is double-walled, reinforced and filled with armoured, high resistant barrier material. The door structure is triple-walled, reinforced and filled with armoured high resistant barrier material. Internal boltwork is protected by sheets of hardened steel to give extra anti-drill resistance.

  • External size: 395 x 545 x 442 mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal size: 345 x 495 x 310 mm (HxWxD)
  • Volume: 53 litres, Weight: 125 kg

Size Options

Model External (HxWxD) Internal (HxWxD) Volume Weight
AM10 395 x 545 x 442mm 345 x 495 x 310mm 53L 125kg
AM15 565 x 545 x 442mm 515 x 495 x 310mm 79L 155kg
AM20 735 x 545 x 442mm 685 x 495 x 310mm 105L 185kg
AM25 905 x 545 x 442mm 855 x 495 x 310mm 131L 215kg
AM30 1075 x 545 x 442mm 1025 x 495 x 310mm 157L 245kg
AM35 1245 x 545 x 442mm 1195 x 495 x 310mm 183L 280kg
AM40 1415 x 545 x 442mm 1365 x 495 x 310mm 209L 310kg

Wertheim AM Series (wertheim-am.pdf, 201 Kb) [Download]

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