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Wertheim Safes And Strongrooms

Wertheim Safes And Strongrooms

Leading Europe In State Of The Art Safe And Strongroom Technology

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The first choice of leading Austrian and Swiss banks, Wertheim maintains its lead in European safe and strongroom manufacturing through the application of the most recent technology, equipment and technical knowledge combined with a strong attention to detail. Wertheim Safes manufacture the most highly certified, attack resistant safes in Europe and are unsurpassed for burglary resistance products worldwide.

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Scalable High Specification Certified Secure Storage Solutions From Austria

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Wertheim offer a range of scalable certified secure storage solutions for the private and commercial storage of cash, gold, silver, jewellery, watches, documents, art objects, high value materials and other valuables. From discreetly fitted certified safes, fire safes and data safes in a range of sizes to large scale strongrooms. Wertheim's specification and design team are highly trained specialists. 

All Wertheim safes have the highest level of accredited European certification available and a range of designs, sizes, and specifications to suit all applications. You can have confidence that, not only has your Wertheim safe or strongroom been tested and certified against professional attack in accredited European technical laboratories, but the quality and attack resistance of Wertheim will be recognised by all insurers.

Wertheim Home Safes

Alarm Monitoring And Electronics Integration

All of our Wertheim safes come with multi-user digital locks certified against electronic manipulation and military grade EMP attack as standard. The standard multi-user lock allows different members of a family or staff to be added and removed from access privileges to your secure storage or safe at will. Additional options such as alarm integration, audit tracking and remote disabling are easily installed as the majority of Wertheim safes come pre-fitted for alarm and electronics with integrated Vds-certified cable channels.

Certified Fire Resistant Safes

As well as the highest levels of burglary protection, Wertheim safes provide fire protection options to accredited certified European standards that include a 9-meter drop test after furnace testing. These accredited European fire test standards far exceed the fire resistance requirements of Swedish NT standards which are common in many safes due to a less strict testing, application, and surveillance regime that does not include drop testing, multiple size testing or market surveillance.

Diamond Core Drill Resistance (CD)

Of all the tools that a professional burglar may use to attack a high grade safe or strongroom, the most potent and practical by far is the diamond core drill. This tool is low cost, portable, and can be used to significantly reduce the barrier material penetration time on most safes and strongrooms that are not certified to resist it. That is why Wertheim offer additional diamond core drill resistance certification (CD) on all high-grade safes. Even though alarm integration is standard, the addition of core drill resistance to a safe adds yet another layer of protection against any kind of rotating disc or drilling tool that is currently available.

Internal Fittings

From lockable drawers, pull out data drawers and lockable compartments Wertheim have a huge range of internal fittings that can be used to customise any safe to most if not all requirements.

Safe Locking And Monitoring Options

All of our Wertheim safes come with multi-user, EMP resistant certified digital locks as standard. Multi-user means that different members of family or staff can be added and removed from safe access at will. There are also a wide range of locking and alarm integration options that are both low cost and easy to use, that may suit your particular requirements or lifestyle. 

Audit Lock

  • Duress - Duress is a basic feature that is optional with all of our safes. Duress means that by entering your normal safe lock code, but varying the first or last digital by 1, a silent emergency alarm signal can be sent.
  • Remote disable - An enable/disable signal can be sent to the safe lock from an alarm panel or mobile phone. This handy feature is available with most lock types we supply.
  • Seismic Sensor - As a properly anchored safe is secured to at least 5 tons, and a certified digital safe lock cannot be manipulated open, power tool attack is the only option left for a professional burglar. A seismic sensor detects cutting, drilling and heat attacks, but is not triggered by normal safe use. Particularly convenient is the fact that a seismic sensor is tamper proof and will work even when an alarm system is switched off.
  • Bolt Position Indicator - Bolt position indicators share open and close information with your alarm system and can be used for audit, send a notification, open a video link, or send a door open notification if the door of the safe has been open for too long. Bolt position switches can be fitted to a safe’s internal bolt work and door, allowing you to monitor and confirm that the safe’s door is closed and locked.
  • Time Lock - Time Lock gives you all the benefits of a bank level high security time lock system with built in audit. You can control when your safe can be accessed, by whom and download access logs from the lock telling you who opened the safe, when, and how long the safe door and lock was open. Up to 30 holidays can be programmed that override the normal schedule. Automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. We can even program a time lock schedule that restricts specific people’s access.
  • Audit - Audit tells you when your safe was accessed, by whom, and how long the safe door and lock was open. Audit is a standard feature with time lock and some alarm system have the capability to allow audit logs of access to your safe to be recorded and downloaded remotely.<
  • One Time Code - Easily retro fitted onto most existing safes or strongrooms, a One Time Code system (OTC) means that opening and closing is controlled by single use codes generated by a certified monitoring station after the identity of the person requiring access has been verified. The person accessing the safe or strongroom also requires their own personal code and a special key fob that records the opening and closing state of the lock. Time and date specific one-time codes can be issued in advance by the monitoring station for use within a 15-minute window, weeks, or months in advance.

An Historical Note:

Wertheim Logo

Wertheim has long been a recognised leader in the manufacturing of bank strongrooms, burglary resistant and fire-resistant safes since the company’s establishment in Vienna in 1852. The "Feuer fest" (German for fireproof) polka, by Josef Strauss was a commission by the Wertheim safe company to promote Wertheim’s fireproof safes. Wertheim was known to demonstrate the fire resistance of their safes by placing them on bonfires while the polka played.

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