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Wittkopp Primor (Level 15)

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Primor 25
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  • Multi-user, Time-delay function, Multiple Codes

Wittkopp Primor (Level 15)

The Wittkopp Primor (Level 15) is a rugged direct drive blocking device. Lock bolt retraction and extension is controlled by rotation of the keypad bezel following code entry.

Manual bolt retraction and extension offers exceptional reliability, and allows direct attachments to the lock bolt without fear of compromising the drive mechanism.

The Wittkopp Primor (Level 15) lock cable is protected in a specially designed channel in the extruded aluminum spindle that connects the keypad to the lock body.

The advanced design resists twisting and chafing in day-to-day operation.

External battery placement puts the battery inside the keypad, where it can be easily replaced, even with the safe locked and efficient lock design means the battery must be changed significantly less often.

The Wittkopp Primor (Level 15) lock body is the same size and mounting footprint as other standard S&G locks, allowing for easy retrofit without the need for boltwork or mounting screw location changes. Plus, it’s universally handed for RH, LH, VU, and VD mounting.

Three Keypad Selectable Modes of Operation:

  • Multi-User - The Master Code and any User Code can open the lock with a single code.
  • Multiple Codes - One Master Code, eight User Codes
  • Holdup Protection - Time delay is a proven holdup deterrent. The Wittkopp Primor (Level 25) D-Drive lock gives you a time delay up to 99 minutes, and a time delay override code for instant cash carrier access.

Titan Lock (Titan.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]

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