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Safe And Vault Locks

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sargent and greenleaf

  • Multi-user
  • Time-delay function
  • Dual user option
  • Multiple Codes

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sargent and greenleaf

With a new digital platform, the Sargent & Greenleaf USB Audit Lock is now flexible and affordable. This commercial grade electronic lock with audit trail capabilities is not only more secure, it is also quicker to install. Users find it easier to operate, particularly when operating multiple locks repetitively. Best of all, this affordable lock is faster, simpler to program and offers more advanced features and functionality.


In stock

sargent and greenleaf

  • Top-mounted reader
  • Capacitive sensing technology
  • Combats fake fingerprint attacks
  • Front-mounted backlit LCD
  • You select the level of security
  • Fingerprint and PIN function
  • Finger only function
  • Quickly remove fingerprints
  • Integral battery compartment
  • Bright chrome, 24-carat Gold

In stock

sargent and greenleaf (Certification Pending)

  • Four opening schedules allow more shift coverage and access control without overriding security.
  • Digital Time Lock records up to 1000 time- and date-stamped audit events with a quick USB download feature.
  • Digital Time Lock requires no additional software to program.
  • A simple website interface and intuitive process make programming quick and easily transferrable.
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    In stock

    sargent and greenleaf

    When fitted to a European certified fire and burglary resistant safe, cabinet or filing cabinet a Sargent & Greenleaf certified USB audit lock tracks access to the unit by identity, date, time and code automatically.

    • Audit logs can be easily downloaded and viewed by the data controller but will automatically erase after 1000 entries. Completely compliant with the limited data retention aspect of the GDPR.
    • S&G Audit trails are in themselves GDPR compliant as users are identified by audit ID number only, so only the data controller that authorised the access can identify the specific user.

    In stock

    sargent and greenleaf

    • Encrypted communication
    • Clear, easy to read LCD screen
    • English, Spanish, German, or Italian display
    • Seven day repeating time lock schedule
    • Up to twenty special days
    • Up to fifteen vacation periods
    • Early Close
    • Automatically adjusts for DST

    640.00 680.00  
    In stock

    sargent and greenleaf

    A-Series with display improves speed and accuracy with an extra-large, 30-character display featuring icons, images, and text. A built-in USB port allows real-time download of up to 1,000 events from multiple locks. The lock is easily switched to one-time code operation. (OTC)