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Testimonials & Projects

Can't recommend this business highly enough! Visited my premises and did very professional survey, explained everything in great detail and highlighted issues that have now greatly improved how we handle cash, cash security and our customer information. Even talked with my insurer to ensure we had all the cover we require. Particularly delighted with the GDPR audit filing safe in our back office and the keyless deposit safe with time lock that lets me take holidays without any worries about lodgements. World-class service!

Alan was thoroughly professional and gave me excellent product advice. Also great flexibility when I asked for one of the safes to be swapped out after it had been delivered due to a change of plan at my end. I would highly recommend Certified Safes Ireland.

This is my first ever review of a business but I felt I owed a personal thank you to Certified Safes Ireland and in particular Alan Redd, due to his advice preventing us from jeopardising our insurance cover when it came to purchase safes truly fit for insurance purpose. My main purpose for writing this is to spare others from going through what we did, before we found this reputable company.

We contacted several safe suppliers to fulfil a cash protection requirement for multiple sites in Ireland and the EU. Given the scope of the territories we had to first establish what were the legislation, standards and insurance rates for each individual site/country. No easy task, let me state, when it came to the Irish territory, as the information we were given by the other Irish safe suppliers regarding insurance rates and standards was so incorrect and erroneous that I personally reached a new level of frustration as almost every specification I received was contradicting our insurance company, which kept rejecting the quotes we were given deeming them incorrect or insufficient to allow cover.

Certified Safes Ireland was the only company that gave us advice that coincided with both our insurance company and the correct European standards. If there is one thing I have learned thanks to this unpleasant Odyssey is not to take the word of self-declared “experts” without actually checking the garbage they “recommend” with the respective standard and insurance bodies, particularly when it’s free to simply check.

I’d have to advise anyone buying a safe (that needs proper viable insurance cover) to go with Certified Safes Ireland, the safes we purchased came with all the correct certificates and paperwork we needed to get cover with our insurance beforehand and they even helped us directly in liaising with our broker, making the process so easy and smooth I really wish I had contacted them in the first place. As I said, cannot praise them highly enough.


Alan was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional, took the time to find the right product for our store, delivered and installed within two days of contacting Certifued Safes Ireland, I would strongly recommend this company,sincere thank you Alan for you time and advice.

Alan gave excellent advice selecting a quality high spec home safe. Professional installation by Certified Safes Ireland engineers. Great after sales service and Alan provided excellent and helpful on site service. Highly recommended!

Alan from Certified Safes Ireland was extremely helpful to me. I had bought a house with a safe installed and he was very helpful in explaining the type of safe, how to use without asking for any payment. I would highly recommend. Thanks for the advice. Mark

Excellent service. Alan went out of his way to help and was very efficient, would highly recommend!

We used Certified Safes to move two large commercial safes in an office block. Previous experience with another company suggested this would be a difficult task, however Alan assured us otherwise and was proven right. 20 minutes or thereabouts taken to move them with minimal disruption to staff. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them.

Alan gave excellent advice selecting a quality high spec home safe. Professional installation by cert safes Ireland engineers. Great after sales service and Alan provided excellent and helpful on site service. Highly recommended

Certified Safes International Ltd provided specifications for E.U. certified safes matched with U.S. Federal safe locks for use on air bases across Europe. Their advice in this matter has been invaluable and of enormous benefit to the USAF.
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