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Call Us: + 353 (01) 7076011

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Safe Opening And Locksmith Services

Certified Safes Ireland™ provide well known organisations and private clients with an efficient and highly cost-effective locksmith, safe and vault technician service, including nationwide coverage, 7-day support and emergency safe and vault opening. 

Certified Safes Ireland™ chief safe and strongroom technician, Keith Cribben, is a licensed locksmith with vast industry experience both in Ireland and other European countries. Keith, like all ICS Group partners has high level security clearance for both government and NATO work as well as Garda Siochana vetting.

  Emergency Safe Opening And Strongroom Opening - Mechanical Locks

Mechanical safe and strongroom locks have always been prone to failure for a wide variety of reasons. Wear and tear, keys broken or jammed, levers or combination wheels jammed, a mechanical time lock movement stopped, dampness leading to corrosion, dirt, lack of maintenance or key loss are just some of the obvious issues that can lock-out a mechanically locked safe or strongroom at the most inconvenient time imaginable. Certified Safes Ireland™ can open the majority of mechanically locked safes and strongrooms through non-destructive lock or combination manipulation (NDENon-Destructive Entry).

  EN1143-1 Safe Opening And Strongroom Opening - Drilling

Certified digital locks, while a lot more dependable, can still malfunction over time due to lack of maintenance, code loss, water damage or on very rare occasions, a manufacturing fault. As most electronic locks have anti-manipulation counter measures, targeted drilling is usually the only recourse.

Amateur safe technicians or locksmiths, inexperienced with safe and strongroom design, in particular anti-manipulation and counter drilling mechanisms, will often cause so much damage to a certified safe or strongroom’s barrier material as to render the unit ineffectual for secure storage voiding the unit’s original certification.

The European safe and strongroom standard EN1143-1 has strict rules when it comes to how an emergency safe or strongroom opening is to be performed, so complete knowledge of this standard as well as the most up to date emergency safe and strongroom opening methods is required to affect an EN1143-1 compliant emergency safe or strongroom opening.

Drilling Safe Open

Certified Safes Ireland™ provide an expert emergency safe and strongroom opening service that protects both the integrity of your certified secure storage facility and your long-term security and insurance compliance interests. If your safe or strongroom has to be drilled open, it will be done so in a manner that allows it to be repaired to its certified standard. All work will be completed in strict compliance with best practice for emergency secure storage access.

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  Safe Opening, Safe And Strongroom Technical Services

  • Emergency safe opening - NDE (non-destructive entry/covert entry of mechanical safe and vault locks)
  • EN1143-1 compliant opening for digital safe and vault locks
  • Installation and servicing of safes and data cabinets
  • Safe moving/relocation
  • Disposal of safes, cabinets and vaults including asbestos contaminated secure storage disposal
  • ATM servicing and maintenance
  • Fireproof cabinet servicing and maintenance
  • Servicing and maintenance of (POS) till units, time lock, time delay units, drop units etc.

  Locksmith Services

  • Master key security cylinders
  • Secure inter-locking for high-risk security areas **
  • Door closers & hinges
  • Push bar exit fittings
  • Repairs & maintenance of existing locks and hardware on steel, wood, or aluminium doors
  • Design & install bespoke locking systems
  • General steel works including welding locks/hinges on steel doors and security equipment

  Qualified And Trained In The Installation, Service And Maintenance Of

  • Mas Hamilton
  • ASSA/Abloy
  • KABA
  • Sargent & Greenleaf
  • Wittkopp
  • LaGuard
  • Kwikset
  • Schlage
  • Baldwin
  • Yale
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Mul-T-Lock
  • RR Brink
  • Medeco
  • Lowe And Fletcher

and many more ...